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The Golden Girls S01 E10 The Heart Attack

S01 E10 Original Airdate November 23 rd , 1985 Before every episode I search for a screenshot from the episode. Today I forgot to add  Golden Girls  to my search and got this gem under “The Heart Attack” as the first image along with symptoms of a heart attack. I feel this is appropriate.  A few things about tonight. I actually have a drink for this one because deadlines suck and it is crunch time. Tonight’s blog almost didn’t happen, but I got my second wind with the hep of gin. I am hoping the gin will see me through to write about the goddamn drag show finally, but looking at the time, the outlook is bleak. Because I suck and this blog is full of lies. Anyway, onward. It is windy in Miami tonight. The girls are sending house guests out into a storm. They have a serving table set up in the living room with coffee cups, half a cake, silver serving trays. What kind of party was this and how do I attend? And Sophia made it all. Blanche makes a really specific weight est

The Golden Girls S01 E09 Blanche and the Younger Man

S01 E09 Original Air Date November 16 th , 1985 I did not realize how heavily I relied on this blog for my own sanity. After the never-ending swamp of bullshit that is my day job and the continuing never-ending avalanche of ghostwriting work I take on as my side hustle, I was absolutely buried last weekend. When everything was said and done I didn’t want to write up about my girls in Miami. I wanted to watch, just not write. And I’ve felt crappy about it all week. But I’m back! And yes, I will write that damned review of the drag show soon! It deserves its own blog not a tag on to an episode entry. Without further ado and no more gilding the lily, let’s get this party started. Sophia is hiding all the food from Rose’s mother who is on a special diet. She has an uncovered bowl of what looks like popcorn and a meat and cheese tray. I hope Sophia has a mini-fridge in her room. She tells Dorothy she’s hiding everything because people on special diets will eat all th

The Golden Girls S01 E08 The Break In

S01 E08 Original Air Date November 9 th , 1985 I promise a post about my adventures at the Golden Girls drag show is forthcoming, but I was so busy this week, I almost didn’t have time to watch today’s episode. So for now you must settle for this picture of my husband and me looking super excited to be with the Golden Girls from Mary’s Attic. Notice how red I am in the presence of such hotness.  The ladies come home from a night on the town. Apparently they went to a Madonna concert. They sound like they barely knew who she was before the concert. “Like a Virgin” came out in 1984 and I realize it’s been a full year between that song’s release and this episode, but hot damn. How do they not know who Madonna is? They knew who Rambo was and he does not having the staying power of Madonna. They come home to discover their place has been ransacked. Funny story. Last November my apartment got robbed. They stole a bunch of worthless costume rings, my tablet, and a pound of baco