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S01 E15 In a Bed of Rose's

S01 E15 Original Airdate: January 11, 1986 I have been totally swamped under with freelance work. But I am taking the next two months off of that. So  Golden Girls  ho!  Open on Rose with a dude. Having an awkward end to the evening. Apparently she has been seeing this guy for a month and they have yet to seal the deal if you know what I mean.  He says they can’t go to his place because his sister is there and they’d have an audience. Rose doesn’t want him there, for unspecified reasons. I mean, Blanche lives in this house. I feel fairly confident everyone owns earplugs. They go inside and Rose goes on to explain she’s never brought someone home. Once again, this is the house that Blanche built, y’all.  Rose asks if he’s quiet and I want to vomit. Rose makes an escape strategy for this guy to leave in the morning when they go to play golf. I feel like a broken record, but, once again, Blanche’s house. BLANCHE.  Anyway, they finally go to bone town and we cut to