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S01 E17: Nice and Easy

S01 E17 Original Airdate February 1 st , 1986 My in-laws were visiting so I wasn't able to get this up on Sunday, but it's here now! Also Facebook targeted ads hit me up with this:  Tickets!! During last week’s episode I kept making comments that Charlie, Rose’s granddaughter, was obviously related to Blanche. This week we actually get a relation to Blanche. We open on Sophia putting cotton balls between her feet to paint her toenails. I am thoroughly disgusted because feet are gross and I have no desire to see Estelle Getty’s. Blanche comes in just as disgusted as I am. She tells Sophia Lucy will be there soon and it doesn’t look good. I recently adopted a second dog and named her Lucy. That name is about to be tainted isn’t it? Sophia: I say, let relatives see how you really live. That way, they don’t hang around. Blanche’s niece is in town for a college interview and Blanche hopes they go well so she’ll live closer. Don’t worry. We’ll never se

S01 E16 The Truth Will Out

S01 E16, Original Airdate: January There are some episodes I’m just not into and would skip otherwise. This would be one of them. We open on Rose making a…maple log? Made of honey, brown sugar, molasses, sugar, and rice krispies. So she wants to give everyone diabeetus. Dorothy still tries it and Rose says people do make it with flour, but she thinks it makes it too heavy. All my teeth fell out just watching Dorothy eat this. Rose is making this monstrosity for the arrival of her daughter, Kirsten. Oh boy, a relative is coming to visit! And Rose is taking her all over and by all over I mean to a bunch of places that are not licensed and owned by Disney. Blanche bursts in with a newspaper declaring this man is guilty! The Duncan Osgood trial is under way and you may all say hello to the B plot of the episode. Rose asks Blanche why she’s so certain Duncan Osgood is guilty. Blanche: His wife was found at the bottom of their private lake, clutching his dickey in her hand.