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The Golden Girls S01 E07 The Competition

S01 E07 Original Airdate November 2 nd , 1985 We open on Sophia singing and making spaghetti sauce. According to Dorothy it takes fourteen hours and she wants to know what’s up. Of course we aren’t allowed to find out why Sophia spent fourteen hours on this sauce at the moment. We have more important things to focus on, like Blanche’s new bowling ball. Apparently there is a bowling tournament every year and Blanche bought the ball to help her and Rose. Dorothy is shocked because aren’t the Nielson twins unbeatable? Are they? Who are these Nielson twins? If you want to know, you can just keep on waiting because we will never find out. The whole time she’s blathering on, Rose looks uncomfortable and just a little annoyed. Dorothy says maybe she should enter. 180 average.  Rose’s eyes light up with a plan. Dorothy asks Sophia to join her in the doubles tournament, but Sophia is too busy. Sophia’s old fiancĂ©, Augustine, is going to be in Miami. Blanche: Well what do you kn

The Golden Girls S01 E06 On Golden Girls

S01 E06 Original Airdate October 26th, 1985 I have to start today’s post with some sad news. Charles Levin, the beautiful, Hawaiian shirt wearing, Coco, passed away. Following a disappearance on June 28 th  his remains were found and identified on July 13 th . It is being treated as an accident. RIP Charles Levin 1949-2019  In 1985 Miami things are a little less sad. Well for everyone but Blanche who cannot understand why “these things” always happen to her! Dorothy tells her to just admit she has cellulite. Blanche denies having cellulite and says her daughter Janet is having marital problems and she and her husband are going to Hawaii to try and work it out. I hope they bring Coco back a shirt. None of that sounds horrible enough for Blanche to storm in all “woe is me” until we learn they are dumping her grandson with her. I mean we learn this after more cellulite jokes first. This show never met a zinger it didn’t like. Especially at the expense of exposition. Rose te

The Golden Girls S01 E05 The Triangle

S01 E05 Original Airdate October 19 th , 1985 Sophia is booking it through this first scene. Why you might ask? She is going over to Mildred’s to watch the adult movie channel on her widescreen TV. Sophia, just wait until the internet hits the scene, you are going to get so many viruses on Dorothy’s computer. Dorothy puts a stop to Sophia’s fun because Dr. Clayton is coming by. Of course Sophia protests because Dr. Salvano is her doctor. Dorothy informs us he’s dead. Sophia tries to leave and Dorothy lists off reasons why Sophia needs to see the doctor. Her blood pressure is up, she’s tired, she has no color. I don’t know about that tired part, she was sprinting for those adult movies. Later in the series when they get a VCR Sophia catches a cold going out in the rain to rent dirty movies. This show sure does like to punish Sophia for liking porn. Blanche comes in to tell them about a dress sale, but they only had petites left so she didn’t bother to invite anyone. Sophia