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S01 E 18: The Operation

S01 E18 Original Airdate February 8 th , 1986 It’s been, um, *looks at calendar*, way too long. The world needs the Golden Girls and it needs them now. We open on the front door, followed by a concerned Rose, with Blanche leading a wounded Dorothy. Apparently Dorothy hurt herself in “class” trying to do a “six-count Cincinnati riff with a double pullback.” Of course, we couldn’t possibly just say “Dorothy hurt herself tap dancing.” Nay, nay, we must showcase the fact Betty White is a dancer by having her show-off the move. Fun side note: the dad of one of my childhood friends had a huge personal library, completed with a book by Betty White about dancing.  So that’s fun. Also, Betty White looks like a hoofer. Also, also, I legitimately hate tap dance. So this is gonna be a real fun episode. Real fun.  Thankfully Sophia is there to quip that old people get frisky and agile on medication. Oh man, the old people jokes! They’re coming! Blanche expresses concern over Dorothy being