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S01 E14 That Was No Lady

S01 E14 Original Air Date: December 21, 1985 I am officially a homeowner.  Which means I have space and privacy to watch and blog about  The Golden Girls ! We open on Rose and Sophia playing a board game on the lanai!  Drink for being on the lanai!  A trivial board game, but the board doesn’t look like Trivial Pursuit. Which leads me to believe there’s a trivia game out there they created for this show, so Rose and Sophia could play and I must have it. Blanche busts in on the party where Sophia casualty alludes to her sluttiness and Blanche just keeps on keeping on. She’s going to buy a car, but she can only afford it if she can unload her old one. I’d like to point out we don’t know what the new car is or the old, but this is prime sitcom fodder so I am ready.  Sophia suggests Rose buy the car because she needs a new one. Blanche objects. Blanche: She’s my friend. My great granddaddy always used to say there are two things you never sell to a friend – a car