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S01 E12 - The Custody Battle

S01 E12 Original Air Date December 7 th , 1985 I stayed up until the wee hours to finish my homework so I wouldn’t have to waste any brainpower on that and I can devote all my brain power to this. You’re welcome. You guys ready for another episode with family?! Because you should be. Gloria, Dorothy’s sister is coming to town. Not to be confused with Gloria, who will leave you hangin’ on the line.  We open on Dorothy and Sophia washing dishes. More like Sophia finding fault with everything Dorothy does. Dorothy: We’ve been washing glasses for ten minutes. We’ve finished three. Sophia: So what’s the rush? It’s not like you have a date tonight…It’s not like you have a date any night. This in unimportant to the way they’re washing dishes. Ten minutes on three glasses is bonkers and I’d strangle that old lady with a dish towel. Blanche comes in asking to borrow a lot of expensive jewelry from Dorothy. She’s going on a sleepover date with Jason, the community theater di